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Envirobond Products

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Envirobond Products Corp. is the manufacturer of an innovative crushed stone paving product (EnviroPAVE) designed to eliminate the major weaknesses of traditional crushed aggregate systems without compromising the look and feel of the natural surroundings. 

Using our unique process, we combine a naturally derived, organic "glue" with crushed aggregate screenings to produce a permeable, stabilized surface that resists erosion while increasing stability. EnviroPAVE's binder (Organic-Lock for Paved Surfaces) uses a biological bond that continues to activate and re-activate over time. This means that it has the ability to break and re-bond allowing for the ultimate flexibility needed on a paved surface. This re-usable aspect also allows easy maintenance for any damaged area, as the material can be raked, watered and packed back to a firm state. 

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