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Muskoka Parry Sound Landscaping Services

Muskoka and Parry Sound hardscape and landscape construction services


Whether you are landscaping a new cottage or home, or want to add life to a tired front or back yard, Hall Construction has the team, creativity, equipment and the experience to deliver exceptional landscaping services for your residential property or cottage waterfront project in the Muskoka-Parry Sound region.

Muskoka and Parry Sound Hardscapes
A beautifully hardscaped property not only increases the value of your property, it makes your outdoor spaces more enjoyable and usable.
At Hall Construction, we know the best materials to use around the exterior of your home or cottage, and can help you plan, design and construct your hardscape project.

Our experienced landscaping team can transform your property, making the most out of your natural surroundings using contemporary or traditional landscaping techniques. Specializing in the use of natural flagstone, stone steps, boulders, and rock walls, along with the use of sod, soil and seed, we can tackle both large and small landscape projects.

Muskoka and Parry Sound Landscaping Design Services
At Hall Construction, we help make beautiful, professionally designed landscape solutions a reality for cottage and home owners. Our well-designed landscape solutions will provide years of enjoyment, visual interest, and increased property value. We use the latest and most effective landscape design software available.

In addition to planning, we assist you in ensuring that only high-quality materials and construction methods are used in creating your landscape solution. We go the extra mile to create landscaping solutions that work with the environment and your existing surroundings.

Our Hardscape services include:

  •  Patios
  •  Entrances
  •  Walkways
  •  Retaining Walls
  •  Steps
  •  Driveways

Please contact us with any questions or to request a quote for your Parry Sound or Muskoka landscaping project.
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Email: hall@hallconstructioninc.com


Granite Steps, Boulders, and River Rock

Winding Granite Staircase

Lakeside Patio with Large Flagstones