Sand seems to be used less than that of crushed granite products in the area, where do you still use sand?

In addition to general site filling and grading, sand fill is utilized in the following areas of site construction:

Septic Construction
Sand is a requirement in the construction of the side slopes and mantle treatment areas for a septic system. The round particles allow for biological treatment of effluent for release into the natural environment. A relatively low silt, harp quality sand is critical.

Sharp sand is a great product for backfill. If an area is going to receive a hard surface, such as a patio, ensure it is compacted evenly as it is installed.

Frost Susceptible
Sand is less susceptible to frost over that of clear stone products. Sand provides better insulation qualities.

Road Construction
Sand Fill can be used as a road base. In areas of deep fill requirements, sand can be a more economical choice. (For average depth fill requirements for driveways, we find 2” minus is a far superior performing product and requires less overall depth of material. The reduced volume of 2” minus requirement over that of sand in an average fill depth situation cancels out the cost savings of sand.)