Drilling and Blasting

In the Parry Sound and Muskoka area, it is inevitable that rock will get in the way of progress. Through our subsidiary company, Georgian Rock Company, we provide professional rock removal services for a wide range of projects for residences, businesses and municipalities.

What We Offer

From driveways and foundations to parking lots and roadwork, we use only the finest equipment for rock removal and can tackle complex and difficult projects with minimal impact to the surrounding landscape. Our streamlined, full-service process includes surveys, grade control and topography analysis.


Hall Construction’s experienced team are the foremost drilling and blasting specialists in Parry Sound and Muskoka. Our extensive portfolio consists of some of the most difficult blasting contracts in the region. Using cutting-edge blast technology and techniques, we provide comprehensive services for any rock removal project while minimizing the impact to your property.


Blasted rock that is unwanted in one area can always be used in another, as evidenced along many of our local roads and highways. We have the equipment and expertise to remove and reuse rocks functionally and sustainably.


Our portfolio includes many complex and difficult projects, including rock removal for installation of foundations, stairs, pipes, wires, water mains and sewers.

The Hall Difference

We know that living in one of the most desirable natural landscapes that are the Muskoka region, means that we want to be good stewards of our land. You know that you want your space to blend into the beautiful surroundings without notice and effortlessly nestle into the natural countryside. Hall Construction delivers this with integrity and a knowledgeable and professional result.



We have met with many high-end clients who understand the unique beauty of the Muskoka region and want the privilege of sharing in it but not destroying its landscape. Using our professional experience, we strive to work with the vision for your property to make it as seamless as possible, retaining the natural topography and integrating your project into it.


Construction and landscaping can make or break the overall end result of your project. We are passionate about respecting the natural beauty of our region and keeping the rich resources without adding environmental stress. Using our advanced technology, we ensure your design is so precisely detailed that the natural landscape is respected and work is carefully completed.


20+ years of experience in the business means we’ve refined our work so well that you can’t even tell we’ve been there. Our unique technology to blastscape your project means that the end product looks like it was always there. We work with the natural geology and seams of the bedrock crafting it into the overall design so that your project is harmoniously integrated into the natural landscape.


When you have a narrow and specific area to construct that needs drilling and blasting, it is essential that you know the topography of the land. Hall Construction leaves nothing to guesswork. With the highest technology available and unique in the area, we employ three-dimensional software and GPS-guided technology to ensure no stone is left unturned.

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Rock Removal Services in Muskoka and Parry Sound

We put safety first and use cutting-edge rock blast technology and techniques to meet your requirements with as little impact as possible to your property or other properties around you.

No Rock We Can’t Move

With extensive experience, the best equipment and creative problem-solving skills, we welcome every challenge as an opportunity. We always put safety first, and ensure that each drilling and blasting project is executed with care and excellence.

Drilling and Blasting: Why Choose Hall?


Need rocks out of the way? We can do it all. Our full-service team provides both rock removal and other site development services, so you don’t have to face the delays and frustrations of outsourcing.


We use only the best equipment and technology and work to the highest standards of safety and excellence.


Our large and experienced team is ready and equipped to tackle even the most difficult and complicated projects. There is no problem- or rock- too big!

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