Our careful planning and attention to detail will help you create the most beautiful and functional landscapes for your residential, commercial or municipal property. Our full-service professional team offers design, hardscape and softscape services, including in-house drilling and blasting to tackle even the most challenging properties. Using top of the line 3D modeling software and the finest equipment, we can take your project from blank slate to completion!

We Do It All

Muskoka and Parry Sound are rich in rock and stone, and we use these incredible minerals to our advantage and create stunning and practical landscaping. No job is too big or small.


Transform steep slopes on your property with a rock retaining wall. Retaining walls serve many functions, including preventing soil erosion and creating terraced gardens or focal points on inclines.


A flagstone pathway or patio can be a beautiful and durable addition to your property. Flagstone has a natural non-slip surface texture, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas- especially during those long Ontario winters. We offer unique Muskoka, Canadian-shield granite flagstone, available in a range of sizes and colours. Our granite is harvested and used locally.


Natural stone stairs are a durable and eye-catching way to add dimension to a landscape and turn inclined areas of your property into accessible spaces. We offer granite flagstone treads in two and 10 foot lengths, for a natural and long-lasting staircase you will enjoy for years to come.


Landscaping in the Muskoka and Parry Sound region involves using and re-using a lot of rock. Large boulders are a low-maintenance way to add visual interest and dimension to your property. We supply, deliver and install natural boulders of various shapes and sizes.

No Project Too Big or Small

We are proud to be a part of creating beautiful landscapes for your residential, commercial or municipal projects.

Expert Landscaping in Muskoka and Parry Sound

There is no project too big or too small; we do it all!  We use the latest software solutions to map and price out a project in real time, right from the first moments we walk on site to adding the finishing touches closer to completion. From helping you design and plan an incredible outdoor space to providing complex technical solutions to see any project through, we can help.

Landscaping : Why Choose Hall?


Our full service experience includes drilling and blasting, excavation, design and installation. Our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and equipment to see your project through from start to finish.


We know how important it is to plan, orient and organize your space properly to ensure maximum enjoyment and proper function. Our knowledgeable team works to the highest standards of safety and excellence to make sure every detail of your project is just right.


Years of experience facing and resolving one unique challenge after another have given us the ability to solve problems in a timely and efficient manner.

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