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Hall Construction has been privileged to serve the Muskoka and Parry Sound area in Aggregates Supply and Delivery for more than forty years. We offer a complete professional, and experienced service from procurement to transportation to installation. Our knowledgeable staff can also assist you with the right materials to fit your unique project.

Providing excellent cost efficiency to our clients, we proudly own over a thousand acres of licenced aggregate property that also includes four local quarries. We love that we can source and supply from our local area to our valued clients.

Serving Parry Sound & Muskoka

At Hall, we have not only developed a great supply of aggregates but also have a range of reliable and excellent equipment and vehicles to deliver materials to your location quickly and efficiently.

Our reliable experts can deliver to your location anywhere in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area, or pickup can be arranged at our supply depot in our Lake Joseph Road Quarry.
We conveniently operate our Supply Depot Monday to Friday between 7 am and 5 pm and delivery times can be arranged through our office.

What we Offer

At Hall Construction, we know your project has a timeline, and our expert personnel will never keep you waiting. We offer prompt and dependable delivery of aggregate materials with our large fleet of construction vehicles and modern equipment to any location in the Parry Sound and the Muskoka region. Whether you need to buy crushed granite, rip-rap, sand, clear stone gravel or just need a topsoil delivery, the most widely-used aggregate materials are available at our Supply Depot. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of aggregate use in a wide variety of industries and can help you select the right materials at the best price.



Ton is imperial (1 ton = 2000 lbs), Tonne is metric (1 tonne = 1000 kgs = 2200 lbs approx.) 1 tonne = 1.1 ton We are in Canada; therefore, we sell by the metric tonne! (Some contractors sell by the ton. Be cautious if comparing prices, as you are receiving 10% less. If buying by the ton, just ask if metric tonne or imperial ton. Sorry for the confusion, but we do like metric.)
Basically, any quantity can be delivered from the smallest amount to the largest amount. Our trucks are capable of hauling from 2 Tonnes to 22 Tonnes.
The trucks require a fair amount of room to manoeuvre. The average length of a triaxle dump truck is approximately 30’ - 40’. They need a generous amount of room to turn etc., as well as a generous amount of room to dump off the product.
Yes, gravel can be tailgate spread on your driveway/laneway however, there are some situations where it is not possible. Low overhead wires, tree branches, and tight corners prevent the truck from raising the box and driving ahead. When it is able to spread, there will be some light raking required along the edges of the driveways. It would be up to the discretion of the driver on the ability to spread the delivery or not.
It is recommended that someone be home to receive an order; however, if detailed instructions are provided, it is possible to deliver without. We recommend that if you are not going to be home to place a sign at the dump location, or you can provide a map, and the driver will do their best to place it in that specific location.
Two products cannot be delivered at once, our trucks are not equipped with dividers to separate the products.

Find a Quarry


Lake Joseph Quarry
1294 Lake Joseph Road
Seguin ON

Blue Lake Quarry
16 Blue Lake Road
Seguin ON

Windermere Quarry
1500 Doherty Road
Muskoka Lakes ON

Rosseau Quarry
334 Turtle Lake Road
Senguin ON

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