With over 1,000 acres of quarries across the Muskoka region, Hall Construction Inc offers aggregate sales and delivery of the highest quality materials, including crusher run, clear stone, sand and topsoil or mulch.

Crushed Gravel

Crushed Gravel

We source the best quality stone from our own quarries, using clear stone, pea stone and river rock—all granite-based grades which don’t break down.


We use premium pine mulch which is the best in the market and gives a fresh pine aroma. We source from the same area, ensuring a consistent mulch year to year.


We use top-quality soils with organic and horticultural elements to ensure they contain the best quality for your garden, lawn or ground cover.

Quarry Locations

Lake Joseph Quarry
1294 Lake Joseph Road
Seguin ON

Blue Lake Quarry
16 Blue Lake Road
Seguin ON

Windermere Quarry
1500 Doherty Road
Muskoka Lakes ON

Rosseau Quarry
334 Turtle Lake Road
Seguin ON

Serving Parry Sound & Muskoka

Aggregate Products

We proudly operate 8 fully-owned and licensed quarries that can service all regions of Muskoka and Parry Sound. Our Supply Depot is conveniently located in Parry Sound, and we are available for delivery to any location within the region. Don’t know what you need? Our team of experts can help you determine which materials are best suited for your project.

Whether you need to buy crushed granite, rip-rap, sand or clear stone gravel, our most widely-used aggregate materials are available at our Supply Depot. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of aggregate use in a wide variety of industries and can help you select the right materials at the best price.

Beach sand
dark mulch
Round landscaping boulders

At Hall Construction, we know your project has a timeline, and our expert personnel will never keep you waiting. We offer prompt and dependable delivery of aggregate materials with our large fleet of construction vehicles and modern equipment to any location in the Parry Sound and the Muskoka region.

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Quality Aggregate for Any Project

Our aggregates are sold by weight and are available in any quantity. Whether you are filling a pothole, resurfacing a driveway, landscaping a property or constructing a road, no project is too big or small.

Your Top Choice to Buy Aggregate in Muskoka and Parry Sound

From procurement to transportation and installation, our full-service company can provide all your aggregate needs. We are proud to offer the best materials at competitive prices that you won’t find elsewhere. Our aggregates are 100% produced and used exclusively in Muskoka. We work for you!

Aggregate Sales: Why Choose Hall?



Our reliable and efficient system of quarries, equipment and vehicles allows us to offer high-quality materials at the best prices.



Most widely-used landscaping aggregates can be purchased conveniently at our Supply Depot in Parry Sound or delivered directly and promptly to any location in the wider region.



Choosing the right aggregates for your project doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let our experienced team help you select the materials that will work best for your project.

What Our Customers Say

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John Doe

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